Want to Create Inspiring Projects?

A Word About Us

From Idea to Project

Located in Hong Kong. Plugin Innovation embraces visionary and innovative thoughts that shake up the way people see things.

With out-of-the-box thinking for both design and distribution, we tap into the ways that are unorthodox, create competitive advantages and grab attention.

Our Approache

  • Define the challenges
  • Understand your organisation, market, audiences and goals
  • Design infrastructures and blueprints
  • Assemble components and form the final model

Standing Out

Plugin Innovation strives to create robust strategies and ‘plug in’ to your business model. Learning your strengths and how to showcase them in the best possible light. Our experts will analyze your brand and work with you collaboratively on making your brand and strengths truly shine!

Getting Your Message Across

Our experts apply the ideas of a user-first development model to weave together the media and your message. Such creates a seamless delivery of your brand and the product or service that your brand stands for.

Selling Your Brand

We are an experienced group of innovative and enthusiastic creators who are eager to help you develop a unique brand that is perfect for you. Something that grabs attention, builds your brand’s visibility.

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Simple Solutions

To Tackle Complex Challenges

Plugin Innovation is ready and familiar with the strategies to getting your message across for you.

It begins with focus on efficiency and engaging your audience, but then blooms into including navigation, creative concepts, and strategic vision for your brand they’re looking for.


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